Business gifts · March 30, 2021

Affordable Ideas for Promotional Gifts

With the tough and cutthroat competition in the business world right now, it is all too easy for small businesses to feel shaken to the core. Trying to engage in a battle with the big brands with deep pockets means that you need to constantly think of creative ways of making sure that your brand is recognized as much as you want it to. Promotional gifts can work their magic to make sure that potential customers will actually see your business that will help you attract more leads, get more sales, and enjoy more growth. 

Getting custom promotional items may cost you a bit yet the upfront cost is going to be more than worth the returns you will be getting in the end.

Best Under $1 Promotional Items for Businesses 

The number one reason why many business owners choose to forego promotional items is none other than the cost. It could be because your marketing campaign has eaten up most of your budget or maybe you feel like the return on investment will not be worthy of your time. However, what if someone tells you that there are actually a lot off promotional items that will only cost you a dollar or even less?

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It is true that most of the consumers today would want to get a promotional email once a month at least. However, this rate of approval can have a sharp decline with more frequency. A monthly contact is not enough communication for keeping your brand alive in the mind of customers. However, these cheap promotional items lying around their homes, your customers will get small reminders every day so the next time they will need your product or service, you will be right on top of their minds and contact you immediately. 

Promotional gifts that will only cost you $1 or less


Parents will always appreciate it if they can get something that will help them save some cash on their children’s school supplies. Branded notepads and notebooks can make as amazing paperweights during your trade shows, not to mention that they are also the best promotional gifts that can give your business a professional and polished appearance.

Promotional gifts - Notebook
Notebooks with solid cover as promotional gifts

Bottle Opener 

A branded bottle opener is a very budget-friendly option and they also excellent keychain additions. Your customers will surely appreciate your gift for those nights when they just want to enjoy a cold and refreshing beer while binging on their favorite TV shows. 

Promotional gifts - Bottle Opener
Bottle Opener can also be good choice for promotional gift

Calendar Magnet 

More and more people today spend most of their time working in the kitchen. If your business offers your customers with promotional items in the form of calendar magnets that they could easily attach to their fridge, it will not only help them in keeping track of dates. This can also subtly remind them about the products or services that you offer. You can also circle the special dates on it that you want to commemorate.


If you are curious to know if people are still reading these days, well, the answer is a big yes. However, even if they are not bookworms at all, they can always use a bookmark when reading user manuals or other important reading materials. And of course, there are those people who just love collecting bookmarks. 


 The best promotional gifts are those that are utilitarian, which means that these are things that people will and can use on a daily basis. Similar to pens, highlighters will see lots of actions. For instance, you can use the branded highlighter of your business to write down the details of a work order or a contract and hand it to your customers afterward then inform them that they could actually keep it to themselves. This can make things seem more spontaneous, with your act of kindness living on the customer’s mind. 

Keychain flashlight 

This is definitely among those business promotional products that most customers don’t know they need until the time comes that they actually need it. Light up your promotional campaigns with these functional and handy items. So the next time that your customers find themselves stranded in the dark in the middle of nowhere, your branded keychain flashlight might be the one to save the day.   


Why is it that koozies remain to be one of the most effective promotional items from the 1980s to this day? This is simply because they are awesome. No one can say no to a nice and refreshing beverage and koozies can make it possible.


Well, pens might not be the most unique items you can use for promotional campaigns but they remain to be among the most commonly used ones for a god reason. Pens can be seen anywhere and everywhere you go because they are effective, useful, and cheap. They might be small but they can work wonders if your goal is to create brand awareness. An added bonus here is that pens also have a way of having several owners during their lifetime, which only means that more eyes will get to see the name of your business. 

Sticky Pad

If your goal is for your company to always be remembered, one of the best things you can do is placing your business logo on something that people use in jotting down their own reminders. Whether it is their to-do list or to-buy grocery items, whenever your customers need to remember something, you can be sure that your business will be right there before their eyes. In fact, a mere glance at your logo might remind them that they will need your products or services pretty soon. 

It’s Time to Spend Less on Promotional Items 

Gone are the days when promotional gifts need to cost you an arm and a leg. These days, there are already a lot of affordable gift ideas that are guaranteed to attract more new customers and retain your existing ones.